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>>> making news in america ts morning. >> war on terror. the threat intensifies in yemen, and starting today, extensive new security measures at foreign airports. >>> deep freeze, an unusually cold start to january, blanketing football fields and chilling florida's grove. >>> and the world's tallest tower opens today, monday, january 4th, 2010. >>> and good morning, thanks for joining us for the first time in 2010. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm linsey davis in nor vinita nair. right now, president obama is on his way back to washington for a full agenda to begin his post-holiday week. >> topping it is terrorism, and we have several reports this morning, sonia gallego in london, but viviana hurtado with new security rules. >> designed to focus on those who pose the largest threat. >> reporter: at another sign at the nation's airports, travelers were delayed sunday evening for at least two hours at the airport after a man walked the wrong way in a security exit. >> the public just has no confidence anymore in the ability of government to provide a safe environment which av
not if it is worthless, what jonathan hone ig says could happen in america sooner than anyone things, what he says can be done to stop the insanity, that and brenda and bulls and bears set a high bar. >> predictions! predictions! predictions! predictions! >> and our "cashin' in" crew is ready to do one better. a shocking prediction about where the dow will be one year from today down to the decimal point, your money, your life, your show, to stay ahead of the game, "cashin' in," starts right now! >> here come the jobs. the new study showing a third of the nation's employers are planning to hire in the new year. but that is not stopping the but, lawmakers from still pushing a $150 billion jobs bill. do we need it? hello, i'm cheryl ka sony and welcome to "cashin' in," wayne rogers, jonathan hone ig, jonas max ferris and tracy burns and john wakefield and rob stein, of the astor etf mutual fund and john looks like the job market will fix itself, basically, next year, do you need the huge jobs bill then. >> absolutely not. businesses create jobs, not government. look at what the administration's track re
shall set you free. well, c'mon, free men. tonight, we close the case. >> glenn: well, hello america. good to be back. i will tell you that jumped out at me from thomas jefferson a while back. the truth is sufficient to herself. free argument and debate are allowed. well, if that's true, and i believe that to be true, why are we constantly being told that the debate is over? what do people who are in power have to fear of further debate? if i'm not telling the truth, then why not just call me. that's all you have to do. call. why is it that you attack this program, this network and anyone, the tea party goers, anyone who stands in your way, washington? why attack? you see, lies are so easily stopped. lies that are broadcast nightly to an entire nation are easily stopped. they're called laws. or here is an idea, standards. even if you think i'm wildly irresponsible, you have to know that news corp. is not stupid. it's a company worth billions of dollars. do you really think this corporation would risk everything on an irresponsible crazy guy? that doesn't make sense. and yet, the phon
and is far less so now, as there are so many people in the muslim world that are mad at america. very few muslims hate americans for being americans. in terms of airports, the watch word is not a silver bullet. if anything, this gentleman in detroit was a rank amateur. had he been a professional, it would not have the nabobs of job. for americans to somehow think that we have a great system to protect them, i think that is wrong. i think sometimes i wonder why we spend so much attention on the aircraft and system when we have 3000 or 4,000 miles of open sea borders. host: going back to your comment from a moment ago about the u.s. killing al qaeda one of the time, what should we do, does that mean a bigger military presence in places like yemen? guest: we are at the drawing board. we have not progressed since 9/11. we are fighting an enemy that basically does not exist. the american people, for the last four presidents, continued to tell americans that we are fighting an enemy that is motivated by hatred for freedom and our liberties. women in the workplace. liquor after the work day. the
$2 in coupons at this is really good! >>> good morning, america on this first monday of the new year, january 4th, i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, the president is coming home from vacation just a little early to confront mounting security concerns as the u.s. embassy closes its doors in yemen under threats. we're there live. >>> plus, arctic blasts. 40 degrees below in the midwest. sam will brave the cold for your forecast. >>> and the latest on the search for that missing mom. investigators discover a new e-mail from missing susan powell as her family with a new push. >>> and a new day and new year. we officially welcome george stephanopoulos and juju chang, the newest members of our team. . >>> happy new year! >> happy new year. there is an embarrassing picture in that. >> i wouldn't do that. >> yes, you would, but thank you for not doing it. >> everyone back to school and work. doll we say 2010 or 2010? >> we haven't decided. >> good morning, everyone. president obama is cutting his vacation a little short as the investiga
day, arrested thanks to a couple watching "america's most wanted." >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time for a check of the morning commute with traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. >> it looks like vacation is over out there. accident location at johnnycake and woodlawn. it is icy in that area, and that does involve a pedestrian struck. another one involving a pedestrian at orleans and lochwood avenue. " will place forming around the area at southbound 95, and southbound 795. normal delays on the outer loop. adelphi road and joppa farm road, and as of 9:00 a.m. this morning, curtis creek drop bridge will shut down due to road work. that is expected to be in place until february 12. watch for delays this morning as we get closer to 9:00 a.m.. not too bad on the west side. you are going to get a little bit heavier ones who get to the baltimore national pike. looking hectic here. white marsh to the beltway northeast. sandra has a check on the forecast. >> cluster yet again today. -- plus three yet again t
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moving forward. >>> nice start to the new year for two new bank ceos. shares of bank of america and morgan stanley trading higher today. details on the new leadership. with fidelity, you can take your trading around the world, because now you can trade u.s. and foreign stocks online, in 12 markets, 24 hours a day, all from the same account, and settle in u.s. dollars or the local currency. plus, we'll guide you with international research and realtime quotes, so you can diversify your portfolio, wherever -- whenever. and we'll be on call around the clock, while you trade around the globe. fidelity investments. turn here. >>> welcome back to "the call." traders decided to start 2010 being long commodities. we are seeing a buying three here across the board. oil prices up nearly $2. $81 barrel. gold prices up $27. and what's fueling all of this is the strong economic data. strong ism numbers here and china's manufacturing growing at the fastest rate in five years. add to that the cold temperatures we are seeing and you see the tear we are seeing here in some of the winter fuels he
that they are trying to use the bully pull pit of america to force the other countries into forcing the airlines into having more enhanced screenings. the pilot authority, as you said, is going to be highly discretionary as to what goes on in the cabin. and of course, the obama administration must have known about all of these and they are trying to keep people calm. and then the response and what are you hearing, if anything, about the handling and the timing? >> look, these changes wouldn't have gone into ee fikt without the white house saying putting them in effect. this hases to do with security, no question about that they didn't react quick enough. at this point, i think we've seen the president come up, he's used very strong language. and mark and lynn, thank you very much. increasingly there is a concern for the united states and the west. >>> the u.s. government closed the embassy siting the possibility of terrorist violence. president obama is insistent for homeland security and counterterrorism. >> i spoke with the ambassador and both this morning as well as last night, there are indi
. that means full body patdowns and searches of carry-on luggage before boarding airlines for america, countries that are considered state sponsors of terrorism, as well as countries of interest. that's what we're talking about here, the the tsa announcing in a written statement, quote, the directive also increasings the use of enhanced screening technologies and random screening for passengers on u.s.-bound international flights. now, in countries where there is more advanced screening of equipment, passengers and passports from nations that are those state sponsors of terrorism or those countries of interest will go through the full body scanners that we have been hearing about, places like the u.k. and amsterdam. >> laura, what has been the reaction from security? experts, as well as civil rights groups, and i ask that because i do understand the american discrimination committee is already speaking out about this. >> that's right. and we're going to be hearing a lot more from them today as you can imagine, and as well as other civil rights groups. they are calling these measures e
to america. and they include pakistan, yemen and iran. president obama is set to meet the top security advisors for them tomorrow. meanwhile, the power is back on at reagan international airport. they are still playing catchup after the hour-long outage. the problem caused flight delays from albuquerque to new york. audrey barnes, joining us live from the airport with the latest on the major ripple affect, audrey? >> the problem was with the safety valve and the electrical substation here on the north end of the ground. and it shut down the power here for about an hour. and grounding some flights and leaving other passengers in very long lines, wondering if they would make it to their destinations on time. >> it's a business trip. so of course, there will be consequences. >> he was one of hundreds of passengers who's flights were threatened by the power outages. a safety valve adding the electrical substation for them failing, to bring tickets and screening operations to a halt. and at least eight flights were delayed. the tower here, they were able to continue the operation on the gen
's happened to her since. host of the tyra show. create for and executive producer of "america's top model" and recently launched an online magazine called tyra beauty inside and out. >> larry: are you looking to be oprah? is that it? >> if i tried, i would fail. >> he's like the god mama, there never has been and there never will be another. but looking to be her, no. i started as a model, so the path is quite different. >> larry: last time you were on, you were dealing with the f-word, unflattering tabloid photo of you and remember in the swimsuit? you have lost weight since then. do you think like a fat person? >> i don't, actually. you know, when i told the world to kiss my fat -- i can say ass, right? >> larry: yes. >> when i told people to kiss my fat ass, i maintained it for three years. i didn't look at myself, even on television and think that i was too big or -- i don't know. i didn't -- it didn't connect. but since i have lost a lot of weight and it started with a weight loss challenge actually at top of this year. so i'm two years after kiss my fat ass. >> larry: you talk about
security measures facing every passenger flying to america from 14 high-risk nations, those nations are considered sponsors of terrorism or countries of interest by the transportation security administration. the new rules take effect this morning. our homeland security correspondent jean mene meserve live. >> reporter: all passengers on flights heading into the united states will be subject to random screening, and those flying in from certain countries will be required to go through enhanced screenings, such as full-body pat-downs, carry on bag searches, full body scanning and explosive detection swabs, this according to a new security directive issued by the transportation security administration, and now in effect. the countries include those that are officially listed by the state department as sponsoring terrorism, those are cuba, sudan, syria and iran. a list of another ten countries of interest was developed by the state department, department of homeland security, and intelligence agencies. it includes afghanistan, algeria, iraq, lebanon, libya, nigeria, pakistan, saudi ara
-month manhunt ended thanks to a motel manager who was watching "america's most wanted." stephanie sy reports. >> reporter: after more than a month on the lam, paul her ring was arrested saturday night. the 35-year-old is accused of gunning down his twin cities, elderly aunt, and cousin's 6-year-old daughter on thanksgiving. >> i'm really happy that, you know, the monster's in a cane. >> reporter: after months of plastering florida neighborhoods with wanted posters, it was a few seconds on tv that led to the arrest. the owners of the motel saw his picture flash on-screen during a commercial for "america's most wanted." >> there was no doubt because we have a big-screen tv in the house. it just shocked him to the core and he came up front and he says, i can't believe this, but he's upstairs. >> reporter: it was the fourth time the story aired on the program. with an urgent plea from john walsh. >> few stories have made me as angry or as sad as our first case tonight. >> reporter: in 20 years, "america's most wanted" has helped to put more than 1,000 criminals behind bars. >> have you seen jayc
sisters, aunt and 6-year-old cousin on thanksgiving day, arrested thanks to a couple watching "america's most wanted." >>> time now is 7:26 on this january 4, 2010. in the news this morning, jim zorn has coached his last game with the redskins. a team source tells us he has been fired as the team's head coach less than a day after the skins finished a disappointin season. washington was 4 and 12 this season. he was the sixth red skins head coach under dan snyder who bought the team in 1999. >>> good morning, we have a blazing orange and somber lavender sun rise junds way. it's frigid from the low to mid 20s right now. high today only near freezing with a blustery wind, maybeear freezing this afternoon and early this evening. partly cloudy, blustery and cold tomorrow and wednesday. then maybe a little light snow on thursday and friday. >> 395 is jammed from an accident on the eastbound flee way down at the exit for the northbound third street tunnel. 270 packed in very, very tightly. the early morning accidents at the 270 southbound split is jammed. germantown solid all the way out of t
, trained him, equipped him with those explosives, and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> we are joined now live by the president's top counterterrorism adviser john brennan. welcome to "meet the press." >> thank you, david. >> this president's directive to close the embassies because of specific intelligence that an attack is coming? >> yes, there are indication that's al qaeda is planning to carry out an attack in the capital of yemen. i spoke to our ambassador down there. both the british and u.s. embassies have closed to give the yemeni government a chance to thwart that threat and the plans that are afoot right now. >> a threat against our embassy? >> we know they've been targeting our embassy or embassy personnel, and we want to do everything possible to safeguard our diplomats and others that are down there. that was the prudent step to take. >> the president talking about al qaeda in yemen. is yemen a new front in this battle against al qaeda? >> no, it's not a new front. we've known about it for quite some time. from the very first day of this administration,
questions arising over whether america can end it by august. that story and a statistics out of iraq since the u.s. troops began fighting there more than six years ago. plus, elephant gone crazy, pilgrims at a religious ceremony running for their lives after one of the main participants runs amok. wait until you hear what startles him next. i keep track of my entire business on this spreadsheet... and all of these. paid invoices go right here. bang! - that hasn't been paid yet. - what? - huh-uh. - all my business information is just a phone call away-- to my wife... who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way to run your business. intuit quickbooks online organizes your business in one place. it easily creates invoices and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere. this is way better. get a 30-day free trial at >> a fokts news be-- a fox news weather alert. a winter storm has the nation in an icy grip and from the look of things not likely to go away soon. take a look the northeast and great lakes region are getting the worst of it. parts of young coul
's interesting here is they're trying to use the bully pulpit of america to force these other countries and to force the airlines into having more enhanced screenings. the pilot authority, as you said, is still going to be highly discretionary as to what goes on in the cabin. what could be a potential loophole in these rules. if somebody from -- one of the rules covers somebody who is going to any of these suspect countries as well as if they carry a passport from that country. but it's only if they have flown to these countries. doesn't take in whether or not they may have traveled there by surface transportation. >> and of course, mark, the obama administration must have known about all of these changes and about what was to come here. at first they said they were just trying to keep people calm. and then the response ramped up after that. and all of these changes got into place. what are you hearing, if anything, from the administration about the handling of all of this and the timing? >> well, i mean, look, these changes wouldn't have gone into effect without the white house saying
america's news headquarters i'm marianne silbur. a developing story at one of the nation's busiest airports after a lockdown of several hours. passengers had begun boarding planes at newark liberty international airport. terminal c was locked down after a man walked through the screening check point exit and into the secure site of the terminal which serves continental airlines. passengers were able to board planes again after they were rescreened but the man in question was never found. >>> lawmakers speaking up against the practice of sending yemeni terror suspects at guantanamo back to their country. a democratic congress woman and an independent fo senator agreg the practice should stop. a suspect in the failed christmas day bomb attack apparently got his explosives from yemen.ol i'm marianne silbur. now, back to "geraldo atre large." and 6-year-old cousin thanksgiving day sits in a jail tonight in florida held without bond on 4 charges of murder. phil keating has the amazing story of his capture. >> kimberly, u.s. marshals say marriage had no idea last night was the night they
voted for barack obama? >> 12. >> how many voted for john mccain. >> 12. >> split. just like america. >> not quite. actually barack obama's approval rating is falling off. we will get to that in a second. >> i was going to say we need one more obama person because he got a few more percentage points. we were saying the last few days the recession is over. you are the american people. by show of hands how many believe the recession is over? one. one individual. why do you think it's done? >> by definition the recession is over the way you define recession, by employment it's not over. >> none of you think it's over? >> we haven't created enough jobs. most of the jobs we have created are in the public sector. we need private jobs. >> why not? >> i think it's slowing down. we are not increasing jobs as much as we could. but i think that a lot of the indicators show we are getting better. >> let me ask one question on this related issue. the president said if we passed the stimulus we would face a catastrophe or a disaster. unemployment would not go above 8 percent. if we didn't pass it
is believed to be hiebdz the attempted airline bombing over detroit. a-at the pres a-america's most wanted show leads to the arrest of a man. the owners of a florida keys motel where marriage was staying was saw in a video clip. he was want ford the murders in the death of his cousin's murder. i am mary ann silver back to geraldo at large. >> the man who police say shot and killed four members of his family including his pregnant sister and 6-year-old cousin on thanksgiving day sits in a jail tonight in florida held without bond on 4 charges of murder. phil keating has the amazing story of his capture. >> kimberly, u.s. marshals say marriage had no idea last night was the night they were going to storm into his hotel room and make this big apprehension of one of fbi's pop 15 most wanted. they say he was hold up in there for weeks with his mattress stacked up against the front door so you couldn't get in and he had a supply according to investigators of jars of peanut butter beans and figure newt tans in order to live on because he wasn't leaving. merhige paid cash up front, shaved his head
searches. is that what america has become. is that what we have to deal with now, mary. >> that's not what america has become. it's the risk terrorists are putting on planes. this is not new. for example, some of these incidents and some of these copy cat terrorist plots, the ones they are copying now go back to the 1970s. in fact, some of these plots are very reminiscent of the plots in the '70s. >> calling for strip searches of every single young muslim man who travels. there must be hundreds of thousands of muslim men, if not millions every year. you can't strip-search all of them, can you? >> no, there's 753 million passengers coming to and from and around the united states. it's not physically possible. there aren't that many hours in the day. that's why we need the equipment. we need to bring us into the 21st century with the equipment. >> dayo, what about it? what about the equipment and privacy concerns? even democrats expressed privacy concerns about the equipment. >> i think this is misguided. irrespective of how you feel about racial profiling, national profiling, which is essen
year when he said this to the president -- >> this is america. how many of you people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can't pay their bills? raise their hand. president obama, are you listening? we're thiffing having a chicago tea party in july. all you capitalists that want to show up to lake michigan, i'm going to start organizing. if you read our founding fathers, people like benjamin franklin and jefferson, what we're doing in this country now is making them roll over in their graves. >> i want to know who's got kids here. ok, about half of you. aren't you afraid for your children? >> very much so. >> aren't you afraid that they won't be able to afford what you're taxing them? >> plus being i'm afraid that i won't be able to have my money to help raise them rell. >> i would like my own money to pay for my own chilled's education, not somebody else's child. sean: some people this i that it's selfish. what about the people who are hurting out there? >> if health care is going to cost us $1 trillion, what's going to be left for health care
with great reeling -- regularities. why bother attacks america when we can bleed americans overseas and cause president obama to send 30,000 more troops which is enormous expensive effort. >> host: democrat caller. >> caller: good morning of i thank you for what you said about israel. this would be the question of -- my question. why is it that the united states does not want to talk about israel? or the people or our politicians do not want to talk about israel in the forefront? and my comments are this. when the country was very young, you mention also about the oil. and other callers have mentioned oil. the -- our country almost was built on oil and gold. and appalachians and other areas. what happened? and why can it not be resurrected now? >> guest: well, the easiest root to buy it from the arabs and other things at home. i think we need to be more careful on israel. israel in my mind at least has every right to do what it needs to do to defend itself and preserve itself. nately, including that. however, we have no interest in the israelis and palestinians. that is a religious
in 1995 and is far less so now, as there are so many people in the muslim world that are mad at america. very few muslims hate americans for being americans. in terms of airports, the watch word is not a silver bullet. if anything, this gentleman in detroit was a rank amateur. had he been a professional, it would not have the nabobs of job. for americans to somehow think that we have a great system to protect them, i think that is wrong. i think sometimes i wonder why we spend so much attention on the aircraft and system when we have 3000 or 4,000 miles of open sea borders. host: going back to your comment from a moment ago about the u.s. killing al qaeda one of the time, what should we do, does that mean a bigger military presence in places like yemen? guest: we are at the drawing board. we have not progressed since 9/11. we are fighting an enemy that basically does not exist. the american people, for the last four presidents, continued to tell americans that we are fighting an enemy that is motivated by hatred for freedom and our liberties. women in the workplace. liquor after the wor
picture on "america's most wanted." >> i am really happy that the monster is in the cage. >> he is charged with killing his twin sister, an elderly aunt, and a 6-year-old cousin. >>> the world's tallest building also carries atoll price tag, $1.5 billion. the 160-story building opened one hour ago. it stands 2,684 feet. it has a mix of residential units that are almost completely sold >>> the district and virginia plan to seek federal help to pay off the cost of taking care of the blizzard last month. the area spent more than $41 million to clean up after the snowstorm. that is 2/3 of d.c.'s budget. maryland is actuallyver budget. they are not asking for federal aid. >>> this is a special day for the been the graf family. we want to say happy birthday to bryant and baby toni who is one- years old today. its nice you guys get to share your birthday. >> we celebrated this weekend a little bit. >> happy birthday. and it is a cold day. >> outside, pumping gas this morning, it was better. -- it was bitter. here is the time lapse from early this morning. some clouds will come through and we coul
on pbs in america, elsewhere run the world. my name is mike. where is money for afghan going? hello to you. security has been tightened for thousands of passengers flying to the united states. from more than one dozen countries. the christmas-day at 10 by a nigerian man has had far reaching consequences -- the christmas day attempt. countries including at the sudan and yemen and pakistan now face fall by the scans and pat downs. >> president obama has returned from holiday to face a wave of issues. >> we are conducting an internal review. the president has called for a whlole of government review, based on what we know now. >> this is the scene at one of the busiest airports. there was one man who went into a secure area. thousands of passengers had to go through security all over again. flights were grounded. the man was not fast. >> so we can all go back through. as you can see, it is an absolute chaos. >> be more security, as far as i am concerned, the better -- the more security. >> they patted me down, and they literally did it a full body, -- did a full body, legs and everythi
to the arrest of paul meridge. accused of gunning down four family members. the viewer of "america's most wanted" recognized the description of the man and his car. authorities surrounded a small motel in long key, florida. >> i'm just happy that the family found closure. that's what i'm happy about. i'm happy that the family can now mourn, ok? >> meridge is accused of fatally shooting his twin sisters, a 6-year-old cousin, 79-year-old aunt at a family home in jupiter, florida. >>> matthew is just 13 but has an experience that will last a lifetime. the california teen went sledding with his family. he got lost. it got dark and matthew lost a glove, lost his shoes and a sock. he spent the night in freezing conditions. his parents started to fear the worst because matthew has no wilderness training and no survival skills. >> only 13 years old and it's below 15 out there. it's colder than it was in the truck. i just didn't think they would find him alive in the morning. >> i was being all quiet just staring at everyone. when they told -- what they told me is i was screaming i'm over here. >> afte
football looks with fios. but you've got to call today. get jaw-dropping fios tv, america's highest rated internet, and unlimited nationwide calling for just $99.99 a month. plus a special double bonus: $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. don't wait. offer ends january 16th. call 1.866.699.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. >> president obama will meet with top advisers to discuss the attempted bombing of the northwest airlines flight on christmas day. >> he ordered a review of the security system after a man managed to board the flight with explosives hidden on his body. >> the president met privately today with his top counter- terrorism adviser. he also heard from the cia. this comes in advance of a broader meeting tomorrow. president obama arrived home from hawaii ready to focus on the failures that led to the attempted bombing of a northwest airlines flight and the potential threat posed by al qaeda activities in yemen. hillary clinton says that terrorist activity in yemen has surged in recent
and we have seen what unionization has done to the teaching in america's schools. and saw what had been the private sector, auto industry and steel industry and on things other than the main job at hand and will be blocking ten knowledge that can improve procedures in the future. >> and that is exactly why congress took it out of the provision when they started the tsa to begin with, unionization. >> they took it out because there was a knee-jerk reaction against unions of any kind from a certain part of the government. but i think what steve is talking about is important here, we are not getting exactly the best and brightest who want careers in the tsa at this point and i'm risking my own flying convenience but... >> you'll be stopped at every airport. >> a little more job security and better benefits and wages, the kinds of things unions provide would make better candidates want those jobs. and that would be good for all of us. >> victoria it's true you do not necessarily see the best and brightest in the tsa now. and he says if you unionize you might see a better group of folks ther
. there is a home ownership gap in america. the difference between an all- america and african-american and hispanic home ownership is too big. we have to address this. by the year 2010, we must increase minority homeowners by at least 5.5 million. >> is this where you thought to politics started -- bought the politics started? >> wiig shows phil gramm -- there were a lot of things that happened, but the legislation in december of 2000 was the big one. it basically said that you could not outlaw derivatives. if you read it, it protects these derivatives and allowed them to just ballooned beyond control. phil gramm was instrumental in that. you will remember michael green berger who is now a lawyer and a professor, he was a regulator. he was on the commodity futures trading commission. as early as 1998, he would have liked to outlaw these kinds of derivatives that have gotten us into some much trouble. he said that that point was the critical moment and that phil gramm was the person that pushed that through. >> were to happen to get that video -- where did you happen to get that video? >> he is enjo
with fios. but you've got to call today. get jaw-dropping fios tv, america's highest rated internet, and unlimited nationwide calling for just $99.99 a month. plus a special double bonus: $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. don't wait. offer ends january 16th. call 1.866.699.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. >> the obama administration today put into effect tough new security rules the target of airplane passengers from certain countries. we have the latest from washington. >> this was this, bad airport today in pakistan. it is one of 12 nations where the new rules took effect at midnight. everyone heading for the u.s. is being frisked by hand. their luggage is being searched by hand. most passengers are still being scanned in airports like frankfurt, germany. visitors from the 12 nations are being frisked. the obama administration is in effect profiling. >> it is derived from the intelligence we have. >> selective frisking is one of the moves ordered by obama. >> hopefully, we can take the
continues her week of reporting from yemen coming up on "good morning america" and later tonight on "world news with diane sawyer." >>> thfederal aviation administration says it's investigating american airlines. the faa said the carrier had three botched landings just last month. that includes the accident in kingston, jamaica, where the jet overshot the runway in a rainstorm. investigators are also looking into incidents in charlotte and austin where airplane wing tips actually touched the ground during landings. >>> when the leader of a california mega church discovered christmas donations fell very short he made a plea asking for nearly $1 million to keep saddleback church running. evangelical minister rick warren's prayer was answered in a big way. laura marquez reports. >> we met our goal, folks. we met our goal. >> reporter: their goal, and then some. $2.4 million raised in just a few days after pastor rick warren made an unusual plea on the saddleback church website. last week, warren posted a letter saying they were on target for the year. then this last weekend, the bottom droppe
. there is a home ownership gap in america. the difference between anglo america and african american/hispanic home ownership is too big. we've got to focus the attention of this nation to address this. and it starts with setting a goal and so by the year 2010 we must increase minority homeowners by at least 5 and half million. >> was that right? is this where you thought the politics of all this started? phil gramm, george bush? >> well we chose phil gramm because, you know, there were a lot of things that happened. you can chose a lot of dates but the legislation in december of 2000 was the really big one because it said basically that you couldn't outlaw derivatives. you couldn't -- it made it if you read it it's very clear that it protects these derivatives, credit default swaps, et cetera. and it allowed them to just balloon beyond control. and gramm was very -- was absolutely instrumental in that. and remember michael greenberger who's voice you hear and who's talking about it who's now, you know, he's a lawyer and professor at the university of maryland law school. greenberger was a regulato
are producers. they're not trying to scare them off like we sometimes do in america. they want us in their countries, they want that economic development. it's friendly to the united states. so it's a good place for us to be finding oil for our country. >> wait a second -- i've got to go back. you said something that i think a lot of american people don't understand. you used a phrase which said basically sometimes it's scarier to drill in america than in ghana. what is wrong with our country that that's happened? >> well, i think we've gotten complacent. the chinese get it, the indians get it. they understand the natural resources are a very important part of the health and welfare of any country. and the less we focus on that, the more at risk we are. you and i have resources in the united states that can be developed environmentally soundly, and we continue to put them more and more off limits. we take one side of our mouth, yet we don't fully develop the resources we have, particularly in natural gas, which is a clean fuel that can substitute for oil and transportation. >> loo
for your commentary today. >>> a new day for bank of america. new ceo brian moynihan speaking for the first time since take over the job. we'll tell you what he is saying and what his plans are for the nation's biggest bank. [ male announcer ] welcome to the now network. frannie, matt and james just got three of sprint's best 3g phones. frannie has the palm pre, which runs multiple apps at the same time. frannie! oh! [ male announcer ] james, the jet-setter, can call from just about anywhere in the world with the international tour. and matt has the customizable htc hero with google -- giving him access to thousands of apps. [ tires screech ] bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network, as well as the most impressive lineup of phones. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> the new head of bank of america making his first official address as ceo today, north carolina. cnbc's mary thompson is there with more on brian moynihan's first public appearance. mary? >> reporter: amanda, moynihan delivered a cautious o
where is there really value left in these markets? as we look at emerging, latin america is expensive. this is the kind of game we're playing and it's based upon truly looking to fix stocks. >> let's look at what was topping the tape, as well today, that was oil. $81 a barrel, russia hauling oil supplies. also if you haven't noticed it's cold here in the northeast, a little chilly outside, and that's certainly helped. we also had a lot of positive news coming out of natural gas when it comes to natural gas, buying a 25% stake in chesapeake. also energy saying 40% of that money is going to be allocated towards gas. and eventually beyond 20 -- i thought this was interesting. this is something you follow. beyond 20 so, it's going to be allocated in such a matter where coal output will be maintained, but the rest of the nat gas, because that's going to be a growth vehicle for consol. >> they're talking about 400 million of it going into the gas side of it. you're talking about not just a coal company, which to guy's point earlier, this plays right into the bucyruses of the world. and it a
is behind bars. a couple watched a promo for "america's most wanted" and realized paul michael merhige was staying at their hotel. they reported it to authorities and he was arrested. he gunned down his twin sisters one of whom was pregnant, his 79-year-old aunt and his 6-year-old cousin who was killed in her sleep. can't imagine what her dad, jim sitton has gone through. the man accused of killing his daughter has been caught. jim joining me now. jim, first off, your reaction when you found out that paul merhige was indeed apprehended? >> well, it was a relief that he was no longer -- i was no longer afraid he would come back and finish what he started on thanksgiving night. i have been patroling my house until 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning, looking out the windows, looking for shadows, always thinking that he would be coming back to kill my wife or my father-in-law and i wouldn't -- i was patroling my house with a shotgun. i was not going to allow him to kill anyone else in my family. now that he has been captured at least i can get out of protebtive mode now and start concentratin
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, the suspect is captured thanks to america's most wanted. we're live with that story next. >>> also straight ahead, why the new year is bringing a lot of new delays for metro riders. we'll share the details of how your commute might be impacted. >>> still more to come on our top story, the reported firing of redskins coach jim zorn. our coverage continues whether we check in with dave ross who is in san diego for the final game of the skins' season. does your phone surf the web ? does your phone surf the web with the speed and power of a pro surfer at pipeline ? does it bring you the web in all its glory... all its intended pixels... allowing you to reach the farthest expanses of its universe, deepest depths of its oceans without getting as much as a grain of sand in your shorts ? droid does. wave-shredding web speed. in a world of doesn't... right now buy a droid and get a droid eris free. in a world of doesn't... ♪ doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. here you go, mr. noran. thanks. [ female announcer ] trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help o
in style with his top long-term trade for the next ten years. america's post market show tonight. >>> welcome back to "the halftime report." time to call the close. around the horn, buy or sell on the first trading session of 2010? dr. j.? >> i'll take profits on the pop that i'm thankful for. >> yeah, i think you've got to buy. i think the rally's got some legs but i'm nervous about it getting ahead of itself. >> mike? >> you know, watching the options markets what i saw a lot of today was profit taking a lot of sectors, big bounce here and people taking money off the table. >> j.t.? >> few people get married and buy a house in january, similarly you have to be nimble in and out of the market. i bought some bank of america today, gives me 6%, 7% over the next couple of days i'm out on to the next trade. >> tonight "fast money," correctly forecasting 2008's housing crisis, peter schiff joins us reveal top three predictions for 2010. >> "power lunch"? >> what bank of america new ceo told cnbc ahead of the first big speech as the bank's leader. still to come on "power lunch" -- >>
ironies in the middle east. the countries whose leaders hate us the most have people who like america the most and our closest political allies are the ones who hate americans. jordan is not as bad as egypt or saudi arabia. >> a lot of folk there are not our friends. >> to follow up on what richard said, jordan has been a steadfast ally, government and the intelligence community this is a great, great tragedy. our thoughts and prayers are with the cia agents and family. this has shattered a community. this is a, very small community, the people on the front lines on the war on terror for years and everybody in the community knows somebody. because when you think you're going to get information that will lead to you zawahiri, you bring in the best people you have. you sit them around the table, he walks in. >> imminent, credible information, something actionable. >> we've got to move on, but let's say -- this is a tragedy. we report the tragedy, we report the screwups, when a guy starts himself on fire on an airplane, but let's tell the other side of the story, which richard knows as w
and innocent women and children are killed over there, who cares for them? so if a bomb goes off in america or in london, what's wrong with that?" >> reporter: indeed, a poll in "the times" of london showed a shocking 13% of british muslims believe the london subway bombers were martyrs, and many british muslims see the iraq war as a war against islam, against them. we're talking about england here. we're talking about young muslims who have grown up in this country. i think people would be really stunned to hear you say that it is essentially foreign policy which is causing youngsters to blow themselves up on the subway system and youngsters to think that that's cool. >> foreign policy has a lot to do with it, and -- but it's the minority radical groups that use that to get to our young people. >> reporter: and some of those young muslims are easy prey because they believe the british government crackdown is scapegoating them, as when minister john reid came to talk to walthamstowe parents. >> there are fanatics who are looking to groom and brainwash children, including your children, so a
>> yemen is emerging as the late staging ground for al qaeda. yemen is the new big word in america's fight on terrorism. a weak central government has tried and failed to stamp it out. recently it was a training ground for the botched terror suspect. the u.s. and british embassies were shut down, citing ongoing threat from al qaeda. yemen has a special case in the history of al qaeda. osama bin laden'familys is from there. now terrorist are believed to be flooding into the country seeking to save haven from u.s. air strikes in pakistan and afghanistan. >> iraq is yesterday's war. if we do not act preemptively, yemen will be tomorrow's war. >> these are people who were held in gitmo their return and have now gone back to the battlefield. >> president obama's top tier adviser says -- joining us is the white house reporter for "politico." in the wake of this attempted terror attack on that flight from amsterdam to the troy, -- to detroit. >> president obama is really looking at this issue with two different reviews. he has ordered that basically all the intelligence agencies appear in
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